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And so, you say you don't wanna stop me
You say that you love who I am and I don't understand
Why so, why would you try to change me
And when I found my voice you just left and all I see is
I'm in the dark
I'm in the dark

And what are we gonna do now?
Cause you say "I want you there"
But I just want to run and ruin
I don't miss you anymore at night
Kind of took me a while but I'm comfortable now
Here in my dark
I'm in my dark
In my dark
I'm in my dark

It's kind of funny to realize I had to loose you to find myself
But even if we are apart I can tell that everything is gonna be alright

And so don't try to be someone you're not allowed
Don't try to pull my head back to the ground
Don't try to come to then just leave again
Cause I'm done with all this

Everything will just be alright
As long as I don't have you near by my side
And don't try to make a fool out of me
Cause I'm done, I'm getting away with this
And so, don't try to cover up your name where it should not be found
And don't try to pull me back, my head back to the ground
Cause I'm done with all this
and I want you to know that baby I'm not leaving
But just cause I'm already gone
And I'm gone without you.


from Tartle, released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Keems Barcelona, Spain

Keems és una banda de Barcelona i rodalies formada per:

Carmen Muñoz (veu)
Martín Ferrer (guitarra)
Quim Coll (guitarra i veu)
Carlos Ramon (baix)
Marcel Clària (bateria)


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